All Photographers who record images, recordings or other media for distribution as a mass-produced commercial product (for sale), or who will use any such recording for public consumption in a wide-spread broadcast, print or other form of communication, in order to create sales (magazines, media outlets etc.) will require a filming permit from BC Parks. This permit should be requested prior to July 1, 2018. Small-scale/local media may request permits using the same process until September 21, 2018.

At no time are amateur photographers permitted to enter the river, its tributaries or other wetted areas to record the spawning of salmon. 

As a professional media/broadcaster, there are specific requirements for you to visit, photograph, and interact with the natural environment at Tsútswecw Provincial Park (Roderick Haig-Brown).

For further information on Media and Photos taken in the park please contact the following:

BC Parks Contact, Jude Sterling

[email protected]

Photo Credit: Bruce Moffat

The Process

You must apply for a media permit to conduct professional activities in the park. This permit is available from BC Parks area Supervisor Wes DeArmond. To contact Wes, please email him at [email protected]

Once a permit has been reviewed and issued, it will be forwarded to The Adams River Salmon Society. Upon receipt a Media Pass will be created and HELD FOR YOU AT THE MEMBERSHIP TABLE IN THE SOUVENIR  TENT. All members of your party MUST have this media pass on them at all times. If requested, you must be able to produce this permit.

Once on site, you should identify yourself to The Adams River Salmon Society Site Supervisor or via staff at the Cabin. This allows us to know you are on-site and manage any public inquiries regarding your activities.

Photo Credit: Mike Stefiuk

You CAN be requested to stop filming, if you violate the following protocols:

  1. Any individual or group wishing to access a river, lake or stream system where salmon spawning, rearing or migration occurs should seek permission to do so,  not less than 30 days in advance of the session.
  2. Care should be taken when entering any waterway to minimize the physical impacts of this intrusion to the environment.
  3. Care should be taken to minimize any disturbance to the species being recorded.
  4. A knowledgeable representative of the Society or Fisheries and Oceans Canada should accompany requestor during the session. This representative may request the activity be stopped if it is felt to be detrimental to the species being recorded.
  5. The Adams River Salmon Society requests, as a courtesy, a copy of the images that are captured. These images may be used for educational, marketing and communications purposes. Any use will be accompanied by photographer watermark.
  6. It is your responsibility to exercise reasonable care, possess reasonable levels of training in and be informed of potential hazards that may exist in relation to activities undertaken (swift water, drowning potential, etc).
  7. The Adams River Salmon Society, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and BC Parks shall not be held liable for any incident that arises from these activities. You are to carry your own liability insurance in an amount of not less than $2,000,000.00
  8. Under circumstances where you have use of, are visitors to, or are contracted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Parks or the Society, Policy Guidelines surrounding your activities must be followed at all times.

As a media / professional you are not required to pay admission fees during your time at the Park.

However, you must produce the permit at the entry booth, and be in possession of your media equipment. If you are simply on a visit, you are expected to pay access fees, like any other visitor, to support the work of the Society to educate the public on salmon and ecosystem resources.