Over $25,000


Over $10,000


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Without the help of our “Redds” we would not be able to hatch and grow

Ted Danyluk

Rick Koss

Ted Kay

Brenda Melnychuk

Kathryn Michel

Sheila Empey

Rosemary Gillis

Larry Morgan

Colin Spiekermann

Barry Healey

Erna Stassen

Ron Mascotti

Don Paterson

Dave Smith

Sonja Vernon-Wood

Blair Acton

Molly Cooperman

Bill Tayler

Frank Antoine

Felix Arnouse

Robyn Cyr

Aaron Arnouse

Wes DeArmond

Steven Scott

Tom Nevin

Kim Hardacre

Darlene Koss

Jo McPherson

Christy Wright

Natalya Melnychuk

Kim Frederiksen

Scott Atkinson

Jude Sterling

Doug Andrew

Jim McLellan

Carman Massey

Julie John

Erna Stassen

Liam Lewis

Steve Mennie

Mike Stefiuk

David Lepsoe

Dunn Creek Hatchery: Don Guitard and Tyler Bowie

Tina Donald - Fish and Wildlife Coordinator for the Simpcw First Nation

Neil Hood

Florent Coné

Dave McPherson