Science of Salmon

We are more than just Salmon!  We have stations and programming that touches on the Land, the River and the Life supported in Tsútswecw Provincial Park.  

Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, we host a variety of Educator Learning Days, Field Trips and Special Education Events.

Each session can be adapted to the grade, teacher experience, class size and school district curriculum. 

Maybe you are looking for a session to fit Math Curriculum, or Geography, or you want to learn about Salmon!  We have the ability to target subject and tailor stations depending on the curriculum and grades in a variety of subject areas:

  • Fish Life Cycle
  • Aquatic Invertebrates = BUGS!
  • Watershed Model
  • Forest Journaling
  • Tree Planting
  • Wildlife Sign
  • Wildlife Tracks
  • Indigenous Culture and Knowledge (Story Trial, Indigenous Games, Indigenous Tools)

Book a field trip today!  Come join an Educator Day!  For more information please contact:

Thanks to our generous Education Partners, these field trips are provided complimentary to all schools who book. 

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