Posted October 1, 2023

Thanks to all the Salmon Fans for reaching out and wanting to be part of the spawn this fall.

We know many have asked about access to Tsútswecw Provincial Park and the the Interpretive Cabin, but unfortunately due to the Bush Creek East Wildfire that ravished our community, the park and region is still closed and there is no access to the Provincial Park at this time.

We know that there are lots of down trees, and even more importantly, danger trees still standing that need further assessment before the park re-opens and is deemed safe for visitors.  Please continue to check back here, and the BC Parks website for more current information.

In the meantime, check out Pacific Salmon Foundation for their interactive map on where to see the salmon on their continued spawning journey.

Pacific Salmon Foundation Salmon Spotting

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and well wishes as we work to rebuild the community that we call home.  We look forward to hosting you soon at the park when it is deemed safe for visitors.