Nettie Wild

Adams River Sockeye are to be the subject for an upcoming documentary and art installation by renowned documentary filmmaker, Nettie Wild.

Here is a recent note about her latest project:

Dear folks of the Adams’ River,

I am writing to thank you all for the extraordinary support you gave me during our shoot for Uninterrupted this fall at the Adams’ River.  Each of you helped myself and my crew out in many ways, large and small and all important.

We screened our rushes in the beginning of December on the big screen at the NFB and for that day, our little crew was once again back on the river.  It made us all want to immediately get out of the city, head north and chase light across the current.

On January 16, I head into the editing room to play with our images.  We will cut a demo together with which to hopefully raise further funds so we can return to shoot during the next dominant year.  We will also be running around Vancouver projecting the images on different exterior walls  to see what they look like blown up a story high.    I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, may the current be gentle and the light sparkle for all you in 2012.

Nettie Wild
Director: Uninterrupted
Canada Wild Productions

Here are some photos of Nettie and her crew busy filming during last October’s salmon run: