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Friday October 3, 2014 to Sunday October 26, 2014



     REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS- Food Vendor  – CLOSED Feb. 1, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Site Maintenance - Deadline May 2, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Traffic Control – Deadline May 2, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – First Aid Service – Deadline May 2, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Security Service – Deadline May 2, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Portable Toilets – Deadline May 2, 2014

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Artisan Contrator – Deadline May 2, 2014

Artisans’ Market RFP – Deadline June 1, 2014
Application for local (Shuswap/Kamloops) artists selling their wares


Contracts and Applications also available direct from:


The 2014 Sockeye are coming !!

The 2014 Sockeye are coming !!


When you are planning your trip to see the Adams River Sockeye Salmon spawn keep in mind the following patterns:

Dominant years (2014, 2018) you may see millions of sockeye return to spawn in October. The Society hosts the Salute to the Sockeye celebration the first 3 weeks of the month – Friday October 3rd to Sunday October 26th, 2014. During this time frame a nominal admission fee will be charged. More information will be posted shortly.

Sub-dominant years (2015) you may see 100,000+ sockeye return to spawn in October.

Post-subdominant years (2016) you may see 100′s of sockeye return to spawn in October (smallest returns).

Pre-dominant years (2017) you may see 10,000+ sockeye return to spawn in October, generally the first three weeks.

A few Pink salmon spawn in the Adams River in September on odd years only; Chinook salmon spawn here in Sept/October; Sockeye salmon spawn in the Adams River in the first few weeks of October, followed by Coho salmon in late October and early November:

Find us at Roderick Haig-Brown Park (2300 Squilax-Anglemont Rd, Lee Creek, BC), in the Log Cabin Interpretive Centre open to the public, seasonally from approximately mid-June to October.

The Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park is open year-round. BC Parks is currently undertaking a facility improvement project within the Park. Therefore the day-use area and main parking lot adjacent to the entrance at the intersection with Eva Road is CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The most eastern Park road is unaffected and is still open for public use as well as the Rafter’s Pull Out parking area.

Directions to Roderick Haig-Brown Park from Chase, BC

Check out and LIKE our Facebook page to view our posts on your news feed (home page) and to learn up-to-date news about wild salmon, as well as cultural and natural histories of the Adams River and Roderick Haig-Brown Park:

Adams River Salmon Society Facebook Page

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon- 2013







Chinook Salmon (aka Spring or King)- 2013


The Salmon Society’s 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday, July 12th. at 1pm. Location to be announced. Members are reminded to mark your calendars. More information will be available soon. Please note: Due to the ongoing BC Parks’ facility improvement project the Society will not be hosting a Salmon Festival this year. The event is sure to return in July 2015.


Spring 2014 Update:April channel

April 1st- Salmon Fry are now visible in the slow moving channels. A good viewing area is once again in front of the Roderick Haig-Brown plaque; the same location as spawning activity last fall. The fry may be seen until the waters rise during the spring freshet taking place over the next few months depending on the weather. At that point the fry will be washed out to Shuswap Lake (the nursery lake) where they will live until spring 2015.

Salmon fry

Salmon fry







Salmon fry- ready to hide under the gravel

Salmon fry- ready to hide under the gravel








When coming to view the fish please remain on the designated trails. This is to prevent damage to the river banks creating erosion and harm to the surrounding riparian area.



Additional interesting viewing in the park right now.

Beaver logging

Beaver logging

North America’s largest rodents, the beavers, have been very busy chewing their way along the shorelines. Theirs is an important role as once the logs and branches are washed into the river it creates areas of protection and slows down the river’s current for the fish to use.






Apr butterfly 2

Signs of new life may be seen everywhere.






Apr butterfly 1








The evidence of last years salmon run still remain. Here is a comparison view of how long it takes for the the carcasses to disappear.

October 2013

October 2013

April 2014

April 2014


April river

Northern Pygmy-Owl

Northern Pygmy-Owl












American Dipper in Hiuihill (Bear) Creek

American Dipper in Hiuihill (Bear) Creek- Lower Flume trails



Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

November image
















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